Digital Marketing is an ever-changing landscape that can be difficult to navigate, let’s dive into what digital marketing looks like today!


Demographics are huge when it comes to the current state of digital marketing, staying aware of where your audience is located is key. A recent study by Pew Research Center gave us some insight into what types of users are on their respective platforms. In the U.S. 71% of people ages 18-24 use Instagram while 80% use Facebook. “ Roughly two-thirds of U.S. adults (68%) now report that they are Facebook users, and roughly three-quarters of those users access Facebook on a daily basis. With the exception of those 65 and older, a majority of Americans across a wide range of demographic groups now use Facebook.” This information is crucial to the decision of where to spend your time marketing.

The purpose of studying demographics is to ensure that you don’t spread yourself too thin. Go after your audience where they are, not where you want them to be. Being able to look at your traffic, find your audience, and pivot to engage them is the formula for success in your business.


Video has consistently been on the rise as a platform to deliver your content. To stay ahead of the game, it is important to begin incorporating video into your weekly marketing strategy. Some easy ways to do this is through Instagram stories, Snapchat, and Facebook live video streams. Simply adding these occasionally to your weekly strategy can help you grow your engagement and your reach. The reason video marketing is becoming so popular is the technology evolution, people are becoming less satisfied with images. Not to say that images don’t work, video marketing is simply beginning to gain ground in today’s marketing world. If you don’t know how to use video or how to do video well here are some tips

  • Film in good lighting.
  • Use a tripod when presenting informational content.
  • Stay consistent!

These tips are helpful for any business that wants to add extra video content into their weekly marketing strategies. Filming in good lighting is something that is easy to forget about but it really helps your content look good! A tripod can solve shaky hands when trying to film. If you are doing a vlog style video than some shakiness is okay but for informational content, it needs to be stable.  Consistency is extremely important when it comes to video marketing, like any other marketing- remaining consistent is going to increase your total growth. Having one video at different times each month is not going to give your desired results. 


Content marketing is dominating the current digital marketing space. There is so much content available that it can be difficult to stick out. Something extremely important to remember when content marketing is to make your content geared towards an audience. Your audience needs to be targeted based on who will actually convert into a customer. Following the audience that converts into customers is a key factor in having successful marketing.

One of the reasons content marketing is so great is because people want to learn and see content that interests them. So even if your business doesn’t necessarily sell the viewer a product in your content, you can give your audience information and offer them a way to use that information. For example, Later is an Instagram scheduling tool that marketing companies will use to increase their efficiency. If you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you an email that gives advice and examples to grow your Instagram. They give out this information to people for free and then at the end of the email, offer to let their company help you. This is a great tactic because you offer something to your customers even if they don’t convert. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can check out our in-depth content marketing blog here.


What is the future of digital marketing? Marketing seems to change year after year and frequently develops based on technology. Things like the Amazon Echo and the Oculus Rift are going to change the way that we market to our audiences. While lots of digital marketing techniques are changing, that doesn’t mean you can use some older ones, it might even be the best time to try an older method. If email marketing is very unpopular, starting email marketing could be beneficial since fewer companies will be in the space. Most marketing tactics never die, they just go out of style. If you want to stay ahead in the digital marketing space, stay aware of current trends and don’t forget the timeless marketing tactics that have worked for years (direct mail, email, visual branding, etc).

It can be difficult to stay ahead in the marketing world, using the right marketing tactics for your specific needs can be daunting. Eliasson Marketing has multiple years of experience in this field and we would love to help you grow your business through digital marketing. If you want to learn more about how to join the team, check out our contact page. For more information on marketing trends and growth strategies, check out our blog!