Do you remember the time when you had a good look at your website? If you have not given your site much attention lately, it’s time to sit down and begin strategizing a full makeover. Content still reigns! Businesses or brands adapt and change as they continue to grow and oftentimes, these changes are neglects or forgotten on your website.

While you may have added another product or service, and placed it in your website navigation, it’s critical to assess how that new product or service reshapes your overall goals with your user and to respond to user behavior. Below are key areas to pay attention to when you are evaluating your website and determining the need for a content makeover.

Analyze Social Media Data

A great spot to check is your social media. If you have not been regularly updating it or using any sort of content strategy, don’t worry. While it is extremely preferable to have the essential bases covered, your profile will still be able to show you a little bit about how your users notice you and who is interested in your product or service.

What are your followers liking? What are they sharing most? If you offer something related to it and haven’t placed any importance and attention on it, then you now know that you must begin the process of updating, so it can become more prominently available to your users when they land on your page.

Condense the Clutter

A cluttered navigation is an easy way to put your users off. When it comes to your website, the golden rule of 3 still applies; no more than 3 steps in between a user landing on your website and them finding what they want. Plus, no more than 3 seconds for the page to load so they can find what they’re after.

Evaluate Site Performance

The technical and search engine optimization side of your website is much more connected than ever before. Google puts a magnifying glass over your website when evaluating how you will rank. Even if you have every on-site SEO signal on your website, they don’t mean as much as performance indicators like bounce rate (how often someone lands on your site and leaves right away) or time on site (how long they stay on a page once they landed on it).

Site performance is key. When it comes to this, make sure you are looking for anything slowing your website’s load time. You might be running an outdated plugin, have images that are too large, or you may be loading certain code called scripts, which should be deferred until your content is visible to the user without scrolling.

We will analyze your current branding and develop a strategy to keep your brand top of mind. Our team will use graphics, advanced analytics, and multiple media channels to make sure your brand is timeless. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.