The Importance of Online Presence

Having a website for your restaurant is an extremely important tool for branding, expanding your business and connecting with customers. Taking the time to make sure you have a beautiful and easy to navigate website will ensure success for your overall marketing plan.

When potential customers are searching for your restaurant online you want to make sure that your business shows up in the search results. Once visitors have found your website, they will either want to stay and explore or leave. The time a visitor spends on your website will depend on if they are getting value from the website and if their experience as a whole is a good one. Most importantly, your website should be providing information the customer is looking for as well as getting them to engage online and eventually, visit the restaurant.

Here are 4 must-have features for your restaurant website to boost conversions from online visitors to actual diners:


A majority of visitors will be looking at your restaurant website from their mobile device. The easier your website is to read, the more likely the visitor will stay on the website. If your website is hard to read and not mobile friendly, you will likely lose out on a potential customer.

Accurate Information

Your website should be the main source for detailed and accurate information about the restaurant. Potential customers will be looking for information about your restaurant and may find it on other apps or local directories. You will want to ensure that you keep the information up to date. Below is a list of basic information that you should keep updated on your website:

  • Address and directions
  • Hours of operation including any days you may be closed
  • Current Menu
  • Phone number and email address


When visitors make it to your website they will stay or leave depending on how easy your website is to use. It is important that the information your visitors are searching for is easy to find. Page speed plays a huge role in the ease of use and a slow website will deter visitors from staying on the site for very long. Additionally, your website design should encourage visitors to explore and engage with other content on your website after they have found the information they were looking for.

Testimonials & Social Media

Once a potential customer has found the information such as address, hours and menu, they will be looking for reviews from previous customers to make a decision on whether or not to dine at your restaurant. Your website should include these reviews to help potential customers in their decision. Provide visitors with a mix of reviews, ratings and testimonials from review sites and social media platforms.