Video Content On the Rise

Video has taken over our collective consciousness. We are visual beings after all and videos are more catchy and engaging than any other kind of content. According to a new study, online video is predicted to make up to more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. That is an overwhelming 15 times greater than it was in 2017.

Even though video is growing and becoming a more popular form of content, many small business owners have not yet applied this incredibly effective marketing tool. People who decide to forgo on the video trend have one of either these three reasons:

  1. They are lacking the equipment necessary to produce high-quality videos or the technical expertise
  2. They are uncertain of what to produce.
  3. They are worried about the budget for creating video content.

Luckily for small business owners, high-quality video is definitely within reach in this day and age. Now is the time to add video content to your marketing strategy.

1. The Most Important Aspect

Pre-production is undoubtedly the most important aspect of creating video content but can also seem like the most mundane step. You may think that the first day of filming a video is the first day of production but a lot of work begins much sooner.

What goes into pre-production includes everything from storyboarding, landing on a script, rehearsing, finding a location and much more. Most people don’t spend much time at all on the important details that lead up to filming but it is worth your while to do the opposite. Spend more time on pre-production and the filming process will be seamless.

2. Create a Great Script

The words you use and the way you convey them is greatly important. Creating an outstanding script for your video can be overwhelming so here’s a step-by-step process to follow to make it easier.

  • Introduce yourself, your brand or your product with a lot of energy and a smile. Your audience is going to decide on you and whatever your product is within just moments of seeing you. If you give good energy at the beginning, chances are they will watch it all the way through.
  • Make a bold commitment right away. Your audience will want to know right away what’s in it for them. Make it known at the start of your video.
  • Let your credibility known. It is beneficial to let your audience know what your qualifications are to help them or add to their lives.
  • Share an offer. Videos don’t necessarily need to be a sales pitch. They are meant to enhance credibility or educate. However, you may wish to offer your audience something.
  • Tell them to take action. You can tell them to visit your website, schedule a call or make an appointment. Whatever the action is, make sure the video has motivated them enough to do so.

3. Equipment

It may seem daunting to purchase a ton of equipment to create a video but if you want to start small, just used your smartphone with an HD setting! Once you get the hang of things and want to create higher quality content you can invest in the following:

Basics: Camera, inexpensive tripod, on-camera microphone, lighting

Upgrades: Stastabilizer, drone, advanced tripod

4. Music

Music generates emotion and can captivate an audience instantly. It’s a simple aspect to include in your videos that will make last impressions on your audience. You can find free, low-cost audio tracks on and and many many more.