In the year 2020, every restaurant or small business should have an online presence. It is a key element for owning a successful business and should not be overlooked. Having a current and high-quality website will help drive business to your restaurant. Make sure you implement the following eight features on your website and watch your business grow! 

Online Reservations 

Whether you integrate Open Table’s Make a Reservation or another booking system, allowing customers to book online will benefit your business in many ways. First, and most importantly, having an online reservation system will almost always secure a seating. This is a feature that is easy to incorporate to your website that will lock in reservations daily. If your customers can book right away when looking at your restaurant online, they are less likely to keep looking for another place to book. It also suggests to the customer that your restaurant is in high demand. 

Online Promotions 

Having trouble getting more first time customers into your restaurant? Online promotions can help with that.  Sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Maps push traffic these days and a promotion that will drive traffic paired with reviews is a great double push. Keep your restaurant at the height of the conversation by pushing a promotion through social media or your email list. 

Responsive Design and Mobility

Your audience will be looking at and using your website using many different devices. It is crucial to the success of your business that your customers can easily view and use your website on their cell phone, iPad, Google Pixel or any other device. The content on your website needs to reformat quickly with a responsive design. Your conversion rates will go up when a user’s experience is improved and streamlined. 


SEO (search engine optimization), is the process of getting top results on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine for specific keyword phrases. Some steps to take to improve your site’s SEO include:

Decide your niche. Are you a romantic Italian restaurant? Award-winning french restaurant? Specialize in vegan cuisine? 

Check to see that your contact information is consistent across all platforms. This would be the name of your restaurant, address, and phone number. 

Have customer reviews on Google Business. 

Email List

Studies keep showing that email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, you should be utilizing email with a newsletter to your customers. An email newsletter is a simple way to keep your current customers up to date. You can use email to drive sales through specials and showcasing new employees or dishes. Connect with customers by giving them useful tips and recipes. You can even increase your social following and traffic to your site through email. Create a sign up on your website and start building your email list. 

Accessible Location

Integrating a Google Map on your website will help a person navigate to your restaurant quicker and easier. The less clicking, the better the results. With Google Maps, visitors can see your business from a birds-eye view or street view, read recent reviews, and get directions easily. Embed the map on your website or provide a link to get directions. 


The old saying, “a picture says a thousand words” is one hundred percent important for your restaurant’s website. Quality photography is important for enticing customers and leaves them wanting to find out more. Hire a professional for the photos you will use on your website. The one-time investment should last you quite a while and will make your restaurant and food a lot more appealing. Photos of the environment appeal to a person’s emotions and food photography drive more sales. Use both! 


People would much rather watch video than read a lengthy article. Video can help your business stand out from others by giving the visitor a piece of entertainment while you educate them about your restaurant and why they should eat there. There are countless ways to use video. Try starting by interviewing your chef, filming a testimonial from a customer, or by giving a walkthrough of your restaurant while explaining the history of it. Video can be a bigger investment but it will give your restaurant the edge you’re looking for.