Content Marketing is made up of two elements; content and marketing. Producing content is the backbone of content marketing and is typically the most gratifying aspect for marketers. Creating quality content is important, but if it isn’t properly distributed your marketing efforts will not be successful. Getting your content dispersed is a necessary step in order to have your marketing strategy thrive. Strengthen your reach with these three marketing paths to circulate your content through.

Word of Mouth

Many brands rely heavily on word of mouth recommendations that their established customers give to other people. If a customer is talking endlessly about a product, it must have really enhanced their life. They are more likely to tell as many people as they can about it if they enjoyed the product or service. On the other hand, people have a hard time trusting marketers. People know that their plan is to advertise their products with the end goal of making sales. It is crucial that you create the absolute best products and cultivate outstanding customer service for your customers. When you continue to focus on those two things, your customers will become loyal to you and will want to spread the word about your amazing company.


According to the 2019 Infinite Dial Study by Edison Research and Triton Digital, the number of podcast listeners who are between the ages of 12 and 24 has increased. Additionally, the time spent listening to online audio has jumped to an average of 17 hours of listening a week for users. The demand for audio content has skyrocketed, but that does not mean your podcast will do well. Like any type of content, it must hold the interest of the listener and be of good quality. Rather than sticking to the the typical interview based podcast, use storytelling to catch a listener’s attention.

Social Media

People all over the world use social media to connect with others, distract themselves from mundane life, and to entertain themselves. However, brands easily forget why people jump on social media so frequently. Marketers often use social media absentmindedly to drive content at their followers instead of truly engaging with them. The use of social media by companies is not a new strategy and platforms are saturated with content. Today, more than ever, it is important to stand out among the many articles, photos and videos on social media. Create captivating content for your audience, use the platforms to engage with your customers and think about posting simple status updates instead of constantly guiding your audience to another website.