Before introducing Internet Marketing for your local start-up business, we will go over 3 powerful strategies to implement. These 3 key strategies are important to go over before implementing internet marketing because this is where the majority misses the boat and it can cost them money and time establishing your business online.

This is to help you as a start-up business, get up to speed quickly before you start Internet Marketing so you can avoid making costly mistakes.


It is important that you come up with short, medium and long-term goals before starting your Internet Marketing. Goals are very critical to your success in business. Without goals, you will not succeed because, now, there is no focus, no direction, and above all, no plan. If your goals are not specific it will not be effective in helping you move your start-up business forward.

What Are You Selling?

It is important to identify what types of services and/or products you will be selling to clients. If you don’t know where you start, begin to focus on a small number of products or services to start. You can always go back and modify your goals as you begin to adjust your markets’ wants and needs. When you are starting your business, you can’t afford to risk the quality of your work by trying to do too much. Many start-ups have learned this the hard way.

Outline Your Sales Funnel

It is extremely important to understand what you want your marketing/sales funnel to look like before implementing Internet Marketing. Outlining your sales funnel allows you to do this. It helps you a clearer view of all your leads and where they are in the sales funnel.

Always remember to keep your business goals in front of you at all times and stay focus. Starting a business for the first time is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience is key.