If you want to increase your site traffic, it is going to take time and effort. Effective websites are 10% design and 90% marketing, so it may take time to grow in the ways you want to. Luckily higher traffic is something almost anyone can achieve. Here are 3 tips to increase your site traffic and help you get started in the SEO game!


YOAST is a company that is determined to help all businesses gain the traffic they want. Yoast has multiple WordPress plugins and learning tutorials to help all sorts of people. If you run your site through WordPress, downloading the Yoast plugin is a must. If you have any content on your pages, Yoast will make sure that your SEO is up to par. Yoast will give you suggestions on how to make your content better! Businesses need to create content, but that content also needs to be optimal for search results. 

Use this simple tool to tremendously help you update your current website and increase your search rankings. You can also go through all of your blog content and make sure that it is up to Google’s par for SEO!


Increasing content is a no-brainer to grow your site traffic, content marketing is the future so get started now! Google wants websites to create high-quality content, plain and simple. If you don’t feel like you have any ways to “create content” here are 3 easy options:

  • Write a newsletter
  • Start a blog
  • Make videos

These are all easy ways that any business can create some basic content. If you have a mailing list, create a weekly or monthly newsletter that you send to them. After you have sent out your emails, make sure to post the most recent newsletter to your site for free content! Start a blog for a great way to increase your SEO, it can be updated daily, weekly or monthly. Blogging can be done by any business and is fantastic for SEO, especially if you combine it with the Yoast tool. Lastly, create video content and upload it to your site as another great way to increase site traffic. Video is a great platform for its realness and its ability to capture audiences. There is no excuse for having bad SEO, taking any of these measures will help put you on the right track to better SEO!


Paid ads are arguably the best way to increase site traffic because you’re literally paying for the advertisements. Unfortunately, throwing money at your problem does not always work. Making sure that the keywords are relevant to your industry is huge. Paid AdWords is all about trying to get into your ideal customers head and ask yourself “what would they search for”. A great tool to help with this process is the Google Keyword PlannerThis tool lets you search for keywords that you think are relevant, then gives you data on the best keywords to use. If you want to increase your site traffic, paid ads is an awesome way to do it.

Increase your site traffic with these practiced methods! The beauty of the internet is the option for anyone to learn anything. Some of the ways that you can increase the traffic of your site organically are newsletters, blogs, and videos. If you are open to putting money towards your advertising then paid AdWords is an awesome option to increase traffic. At the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing, to be known. It can feel overwhelming to sort through all of the options available to help your business grow.

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