What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a way of enhancing both the online and offline paths of a website by using links, content and contacts to create the best possible experience for users. Off-page SEOs usually help to increase your website search ranking, the traffic to your site and conversions. Google uses the links found on other websites to discover if your site has credibility. If a website is providing their audience a link to yours, they probably trust and value your content and therefore so does Google. Although link-building can be a tedious process, it is a necessary element of SEO. Here are five link-building strategies to improve your website’s off-page SEO.

Website Directories

Submitting to website directories is one link-building strategy that you have absolute control of. It isn’t necessarily the most effective SEO method but it is simple and can be easily executed. There are many free link-building directories that can help jump start your search engine ranking that can make it worth your effort. Make sure to choose targeted and relevant directories that give you the option to personalize and customize descriptions.

Excellent Content

A great link-building strategy is your ability to produce content that audiences will want to link to. Sometimes, an article can be negatively referred to as ‘link bait’, which is considered to be content created with the specific goal of receiving attention and achieving links to your website. However, ‘link bait’ doesn’t have to necessarily mean bad content.  If you are creating meaningful and valuable content for your audience, they should want to link to it.


Creating relationships and networking can be time consuming but is an effective way to continually place your content in front of those people who may want to link to you.  Build relationships with other people in your industry who are creating good, consistent content. Connect with them on social media, mention them, retweet them, link to their websites on your own blog posts. When you have created solid connections and they have noticed the attention you have given them, they will be more likely to link back to you.

News Releases

News releases are an excellent way to promote your brand with new product releases or general important updates, and they also have considerable SEO benefits. When the release is dispersed online there will be links back to you for it. Additionally, a website could pick up your news release and cover their own story on your news, creating an even more beneficial link to you.

Guest Blogging

Arguably the most effective way to generate valuable links to your website is guest blogging. The importance of constant quality content is a fundamental aspect for any businesses website. If you are struggling to create ongoing content for your blog, you should think about publishing a post from a competent guest blogger. It provides you with fresh content through not much effort.