Growing a startup can be a scary experience, especially if you are the sole founder. How do you market yourself, get new business and eventually grow your startup? Today we are going to go over some tips to help you get your startup off the ground!

Have a Clear Vision For Your Business

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Having a clear mission and vision is essential if you want to grow your startup. Your vision focuses on the future of the company – what do you want your company to become? Your mission statement focuses on the immediate – what do you do today to achieve your vision? Both are vital in directing goals.

Working on these tasks first helps you as the founder to clearly envision your company’s future. Vision and mission are vital because it details your company’s purpose, having no purpose as a company will run you into the ground quickly. Vision and mission are crucial for your startup’s growth, they need to be decided at the start so that you have a baseline. Having a baseline leads us directly into our next tip: Setting A Standard.

Set High and Attainable Standards

Why is it crucial to set standards from day one of your company? This seems pretty obvious but you need to decide what type of company you want to be known for! It is almost impossible to set a low standard and then raise the bar later, people naturally revert to what is easier. Day one you should have an idea of the level of excellence you desire for your future company, this is crucial to growing your startup! Here at Eliasson Marketing, we do things like respond to emails quickly, treat every client as our best client and challenge ourselves to get better. Set a standard of excellence day one for your company so that you can only get better from where you started.

Develop a Cohesive Process

Developing processes does not sound very sexy, but it’s extremely important for growing your startup! Having a set process for everything in your company helps with adding new people and new clients. If you work in the marketing field like us, develop some templates for things that you commonly use like reporting or social media calendars. This helps you stay consistent as you gain new clients, even something as simple as filing your documents consistently is a big help as your grow.

Brand With Integrity

Grow your startups branding When entrepreneurs begin a startup, they want to know how to brand themselves correctly. In 2018 the best way to grow your startup’s social base is with integrity. A practical way to do this would be to post about yourself as the founder, what your daily life looks like away from your business. The best companies use high-quality marketing efforts and do not forget the personal branding. People know you’re a company, let them get to know you as well!

Hire Quality and Honest People

As your startup begins to grow, you will need to add new people to the company. Something that we have seen here at Eliasson Marketing, is that hiring people based on who they are rather than just assessing their skills is the key. Employees can pick up new skills, but you can’t teach integrity, work ethic, grit, etc. Hiring quality people doesn’t always mean hiring the most highly skilled people, sometimes you get highly skilled people who also fill out your other boxes as well and that’s amazing! We have simply found that it is more beneficial to invest in the person who is hungry to learn then to hire the best person on paper.

Growing your startup can be difficult, whether it’s difficult clients or hard circumstances. There are things that you have control over, so make sure that what you can control is exactly the way you want it. Begin your company’s journey right, for more marketing and business advice make sure to check out Eliasson Marketing’s Blog!