Thinking About Implementing Structured Data?

Thinking about implementing Structured Data? Great idea! Here’s why you should… 1. Drive business results On average, our enterprise customers reported the following improvements, all of which they attribute directly to the addition to Schema Markup: 35% more impressions 26% more clicks 20% higher CTR 9 positions higher rank in search 150% more time spent on pages with rich results Users being 3.6% more interactive [...]

An Ultimate Guide to SEO Meta Tags

Meta tags represent the beginning of most SEO training, for better or for worse. I contemplated exactly how to introduce this topic because we always hear about the bad side of meta tags — namely, the keywords meta tag. One of the first things dissected in any site review is the misuse of meta tags, mainly because they're at the top of every page in [...]

Voice Search Marketing and Your Business

With the saturation of smark speakers, we are focusing on the advancements in Voice Search Marketing. Where do users stand on voice assistants? How widespread is this technology's use? Learn more about voice asisstant and smart speaker data. How Many People Plan to Buy a Smart Speaker? We asked 831 people across the U.S., UK, and Canada: Do you plan to buy a smart speaker? Most [...]

Can Structured Data Markup Help With Rankings?

For the past few years, it has been understood that Schema data is not used for ranking purposes. The understanding was that Google only used structured data markup for presentation purposes. However, recent changes at Google’s developer pages on this topic and statements at the 2017 PubCon event seem to indicate that the influence of structured data might be more complicated than that. How Google [...]