The landscape of restaurant marketing has changed completely since the arrival of digital technology. Owners can not solely rely on word of mouth reviews to advertise their business. Taking advantage of social media is an essential component of your restaurant marketing strategy. The success of any restaurant not only depends on the deliciousness of the food, but its marketing approach. Below are a few tips to advance your restaurant marketing strategy.

Put a Face to Your Business

Restaurants go way beyond good food. There is an entire team of people who make up the foundation of a restaurant. Whether they work in the front of house or back of house, they work hard to contribute to its success. The history of your business, the community that supports it and the team that holds it together, are all important components that make up the identity of your restaurant. That is why it is important to include these faces in your restaurant marketing strategy. When people see not only exquisite food photography  but the people behind the scenes, they will have confidence in your business.

Use Influencers to Showcase Your Business

Influencer marketing has been a common form of marketing in the fashion and beauty industry and is becoming popular in restaurant marketing as well. Tagging the restaurant, using compelling captions and posting great photos are the norm for social media influencers and their audiences trust the opinions of them. Take some time to find the right influencer to promote your restaurant and then invite them to try your restaurant. You can take advantage of an influencer’s impressive social media following by having them post their experience with photos.

Engage with Your Community

People go out to eat because they want to be around other people and have a good time. In addition to the amazing food, your customers are coming back to your restaurant because they feel connected to it. Utilize that sense of connection online as part of your restaurant marketing. The comments on your social media sites is a direct line of communication with your customers. Take the time to engage with people who are commenting. It makes them feel like they are interacting directly with the restaurant and that directly builds the capital of your business.

Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO for your restaurant marketing is imperative. When a potential customer does a search in their local area, your restaurant should be appearing if you expect to receive business. When a person searches for a specific type of restaurant, you want yours to rank in the top three in that area depending on the keyword used. The top three that pop up will receive much more traffic merely because they are at the top of the results. It can be a challenge to rank in local SEO so here are some tips to get you ahead:

  1. Good Reviews. Reviews are how potential customers gauge whether or not to eat at your restaurant. Encourage your guests to review your restaurant on your preferred platform. Of course, there will always be bad reviews. It is important to read your reviews daily to respond to customers who may have had a bad experience.
  2. Consistency. Keep your restaurant name, number and address consistent on all platforms including social media accounts and review sites such as Yelp. Just like having consistent quality food and service, it is important to have that same consistency online.
  3. Your Website. Keep your website updated for the benefit of your customers and for search engines. The more active and up to date your website it, the higher search engines will rank you. Keep your website updated with current menus and hours to make it easy for potential customers.