Jessica Switala is the owner and founder of Fleurs de France, a wedding and event florist in the heart of the Napa Valley and Sonoma County area. The pinnacle of Fleurs de France’s success is the ability to stay extremely passionate & energetic about each and every new project they take on. They specialize in and create breathtaking artistry in wedding and event floral design.

Starting in late 2016, we had the pleasure of beginning the marketing and rebuilding process of the Fleurs de France brand and website. Early this week we had the exciting task of finalizing and launching their new website complete with a responsive, modern look that heavily focuses on engaging visual components for a better visitor experience.

The pre-existing website proved a number of fundamental problems to website design and SEO compliance including a faulty mobile experience and broken builder elements. In addition, the previous site could not handle heavy image galleries, which was something the Eliasson Marketing team spend hours researching to develop the fastest and most effect method for interactive, thorough, and aesthetically pleasing image galleries. Since we know — based on data — that the majority of website traffic, including PPC traffic, is generated from mobile devices, the importance of having an optimized and highly functional mobile site was one of the top items on our list of design functions for the revamped Fleurs de France website. The vision for the Fleurs de France site is to have a website that is easy to navigate and straight forward when future brides/grooms or future event coordinators are looking for the perfect bit of inspiration for their floral arrangements.

In addition to creating a high performance mobile site, the Fleurs de France desktop site was carefully curated to draw in the user’s eye and attention to the dynamic and bold images that populate each page. Refining the galleries was a large part of the process for this website as we worked to create a distraction-free experience that captured website visitors in way that duplicated the experience of being in an art gallery. Our aim was to create a clean and simple space to show off Switala’s work in a way that will allow visitors to experience each image to its fullest while still maintaining the functionality of an online portfolio gallery.

Beyond building a functional and SEO heavy website, Eliasson Marketing has been laying substantial groundwork for search engine compatibility including well-researched meta data (with audience targeting in mind), schema data and rich snippets, back-end site structure, and site organization for crawl performance. Additionally, we closely focused on how the site interacted from page-to-page to ensure each level was easy to navigate and incorporated breadcrumbs allowed visitors to quickly get back to where they came from. Not only is this beneficial for UX, but it serves as yet another building block for successful on-site SEO.

From the inception of this new site to the final launch, we are thrilled to continue seeing growth for the Fleurs de France team. Fleurs de France is extremely down to earth, easy to work with, very detail orientated and extremely dedicated to giving their clients the most personalized service and stress-free experience from start to finish. Click the button below to view the site.

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