In addition to simplifying its navigation menu, Google Analytics is removing the Intelligence Events and In-Page Analytics pages.

Google Analytics desktop UI is getting a refresh, according to today’s post on the Google Analytics Solutions blog.

The new updates, which will be rolling out over the coming weeks, include simplified navigation with customization tools now consolidated in one tab at the top of the new navigation menu (Previously, customization options had been spread across the “Dashboards & Shortcuts” menu, Customization tab and Intelligence Events).

Here’s a look at the new navigation updates, which Google says it based on its Material Design standards. (Note: The “Home Customization Admin” option previously in the sub-header bar has been removed and is now pinned to the bottom of navigation.)


Within the updated navigation menu is the new Customization tab, where all the Google Analytics customization features are now located.


In addition to the new navigation and customization tab, the Google Analytics UI now has a new drop-down menu that makes it easy to switch views from any GA page.


Other updates include a new “login flow” so that users are taken to the last Google Analytics page they reviewed when they log in, an adjustable default date range and the removal of two pages: Intelligence Events and In-Page Analytics.

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