Social media marketing has become more and more necessary for all types of businesses. Everyone has a facebook page and an Instagram account for their business, but do these accounts really increase sales? You will want to check out these tips and tricks to increase your social media engagement!

Social media is judged by a few things:

  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Return

Social engagement is huge for business because it creates a conversation around your product, when your followers are engaged it keeps them coming back. If you have 10,000 followers on your Instagram account but get 40 likes for a picture then you have pretty poor engagement. Having big numbers on your social accounts is great but without the engagement of your followers, your numbers fall flat.

TIP #1 Participate

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your business account is to participate in your industry’s conversation yourself. When you comment on an account in your industry, that account will see it and automatically see your company’s name. The more you engage, the more your name is seen. Easy, right? If you want people to give your account some more likes or comments you have to step up and do it first when you engage on social you are entering into an already existing community.

TIP #2 Find Influencers

Trying to pay an influencer can be a great marketing tool to grow your business. A great organic way to do this is to engage on their accounts instead. If you want to make a bigger name for yourself then put yourself on their social media! This is an easy way to get your business’s name on a larger account for others to see and, if you respond well to people, you might grab some engaged followers from other accounts.

TIP #3 – Engage New Followers

This tip takes a little more effort but a great way to grow your engagement is to send a thank you message to your new followers. This doesn’t need to be fancy, even a simple “thank you for the follow” goes a long way in today’s marketing world. People love feeling valued and making the first move you are already going above and beyond the norm.

Social media is just that, social. Lots of marketing comes from real relationships but you have to take the lead by starting the conversation yourself. Increasing your social engagement is an easy way to legitimize your social media to maximize its success. Use these tips to grow your engagement and your business, make sure to check out our blog for more marketing advice!