For many years, Facebook has been a place where your business can reach new customers organically. The Pages section of Facebook used to be a fantastic way to deliver content to where your customers are daily, Facebook. In light of the Cambridge Analytica privacy incident, the Facebook algorithm is changing yet again. Organic reach will not be nearly as easy to achieve for your business, today we discuss how your business can pivot to these new changes!


In recent years, Facebook has ranked content based on “most recent”, the ranking was fairly easy to work with as content simply flowed with no filter. This encouraged companies to post lots of content very frequently, the more you posted, the more you were seen by customers. This caused Facebook to be overloaded with content from companies, making the user experience less than extraordinary. Although during this time for businesses, organic reach on Facebook was much easier to achieve. 

In 2016, Facebook began addressing this issue. They began changing the Facebook algorithm to focus more on friends and family as opposed to businesses. Organic reach as a whole went down because fewer customers saw advertisements in their news feeds. In 2017 the Facebook algorithm adjusted again, offering a “No ads” option for users newsfeeds. This would later be known as how “pages” were formed for Facebook. If a business wanted their followers to see their content, they would need their followers to physically go to their page and choose the option to see the content. In 2018, Facebook had the Cambridge Analytica incident where a company, Cambridge Analytica, was illegally selling users data without Facebook knowing. All of these factors have contributed to Facebook’s view on how businesses work with Facebook. Making it more difficult to grow your reach organically. 


This progression of the Facebook Algorithm has led us to where we are today It is very difficult to grow your organic reach on Facebook because they want their user’s news feed to be more focused on friends and family. This means a lot for businesses who want to grow and businesses who want to keep the engaged followers they have. Facebook has not completely thrown in the towel on business using their platform. They still offer paid ads and business pages content can be manually edited to show up on user’s news feed. The question for businesses now is, how do you keep organic reach growing? The answer is high-quality posts, Facebook wants posts that are high in engagement and are liked by your audience. There are a few ways to achieve these types of posts and stay afloat in the Facebook space. 


There are a couple of solutions to staying afloat in the Facebook space:

  • Post less frequently
  • Use Facebook live
  • Pay for ads

Post Less Frequently

The Facebook Algorithm wants posts that are high in engagement. One way to do this is by posting less frequently. If you post less but are more selective about your posts, you will have greater success. To do this, analyze your past posts to see what your audience engages on. Direct your posts towards your engaged audience and you will see your organic reach go up.

Use Facebook Live

Facebook live is becoming more and more popular with users. It has been reported that native Facebook videos have a 186% higher engagement rate and are shared more than 1000% more than videos linked to from other hosting sites, from Quintly  Data like this is huge for businesses who want to grow their reach. Simply adding video to your content can dramatically increase your organic reach. Video marketing, in general, is growing in effectiveness and your business should be using it as well. For a more in-depth look at video effectiveness, check out our blog.

Pay for ads

Facebook is becoming more of a paid ad space then it was before. There is always going to be pushback when it comes to paying for ads. Businesses might not be happy with it, but it might be time to consider focusing marketing dollars towards Facebook if it’s a successful platform for you. Since Facebook is eliminating a lot of content with their new algorithm, paying for ads is even more valuable since there is less content to compete with.

The new Facebook algorithm brings lots of change to the way businesses use Facebook. For more help with growing your Facebook presence, visit Eliasson Marketing!