As we come to an end of 2018, I have been completely overwhelmed with the growth and response to Eliasson Marketing. As we are preparing for marketing in 2019, it was hard to not be humbled by what we have seen in 2018. This year, we have brought on a new wave of team members: Leon Connell, Ashley Darling, Madison Rees, and Micah Pringle and have signed over 20 new clients. Likewise, we have expanded into a number of new industries and cities.

One of our greatest — and most exciting — challenges has been transition the business into the heart of Wine Country. We are proud to begin creating a reputation of quality customer service, solid marketing results, and unwavering dedication to digital innovation in our community. From Sonoma County to San Francisco, we are proud to be part of the California Bay Area Marketing industry.

Looking into 2019, my team and I thrilled to begin focusing on growing in Northern California’s wine industry and exploring digital marketing endeavors in the realm of voice marketing, block chain technologies, and continued network building.

We have been fortunate enough to build on the success of 2018 in a tangible way to create unique opportunities that will propel us strongly into 2019.

To everyone who has followed our work and been part of our journey — THANK YOU! We look forward continuing being part of supporting businesses and growing communities this coming year.

Stephen Eliasson
Founder / CEO