You have great quality content that performs really well on your website. Maybe it’s so good that it has a high conversion rate and receives loads of traffic. But is it any good that you have that one piece of content sitting there from when you first posted it? If you know it can do well, then there must be a way to repurpose to gain even more traffic to your website.

Below are simple steps for selecting, repurposing, and redistributing your best and most popular content to squeeze all that you can out of it.

Step 1: Pinpoint the content that generates the most traffic

Using analytics, find the content that is doing the best on your website by looking at conversion rates, engagement levels and overall traffic to your website. This could be a piece of written content on your blog that performs well but it could also be a video somewhere on your website or even a podcast that did well. Maybe it’s the most commented blog post or most shared on social media. Once you have found the piece of content that receives the most traffic you are ready to repurpose it.

Step 2: Repurpose your content

You have pinpointed your most successful content that drives the most traffic to your website. It is now time to repurpose that content to generate even more traffic. One thing to think about it is that people consume information very differently; some like to consume it by reading, others are more visual and there is also listening to content. So, take your piece of content and simply repurpose it in a different form. Create a video, record a sound clip of the information you want to provide or use images to get your point across. Interweave these multiple forms of content back into your original piece of content to maximize traffic.

Step 3: Publish on all platforms

Take advantage of the large audiences by posting your repurposed content on social media platforms. If you have created a video, post it on YouTube and Vimeo. Instagram is an incredible platform for posting quality images. Include a brief caption below that will entice your reader to follow a link back to your website for more. Seek other platforms where your content would thrive and keep posting!

Step 4: Track the engagement

Pay close attention to how your content does once you republish it on your website and distribute it through social media platforms. Check the number of viewed pages, the number of time people spend on your site, bounce rates and conversions. All of this information allows you to determine where your traffic is coming from and where you can see qualified leads.