Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” can make or break your business. Having high-quality SEO is extremely important to stay relevant in the current digital market. Some regions of the world have a more competitive market when it comes to SEO. California tends to be a business hub, flooding the market with new business every day. Today we are going to dive into SEO based on geographic region, first up? Wine Country!

SEO in Wine Country

Wine country is an area in Northern California that is made up of many counties. Wine Country includes Napa County, Sonoma County, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Bennett Valley, and Russian River Valley. These areas are known for their beautiful scenery, delicious wine, and thriving businesses. California as a whole has around 3.8 million small businesses within its borders, making the business scene very crowded. It is one of the places where SEO is extremely important so that your business can stand out. Small business in California can struggle to get off the ground due to the crowded space. One of the best ways to help small businesses is through excellent SEO. When a business has good rankings, it naturally increases their presence to wondering customers on the internet. So how do you actually stand out from your competition with SEO?

How to Stand Out with SEO

With Wine Country being as competitive as it is, how does your business practically achieve high website rankings? The road to high rankings may be long but with the right tools, it is very achievable. Here are 3 ways to develop better SEO for your California based business.  

  1. Use Yoast
    1. Yoast is a company dedicated to helping everyone have good SEO. Adding their newsletter to your mail would be a huge help in staying up-to-date on the latest SEO trends. They also have different tools to make sure that your created content is SEO friendly. 
  2. Get Specific
    1. There are some great advantages to living in Wine Country. One of them is being able to market the fact that you are in Wine Country! Adding geography specific words to your website can help you rank higher in geographic searches
  3. Curate Local Content
    1. As a business owner, it’s important to advertise your business locally. A great way to grow your marketing presence is to curate local content besides your own. Advertising for another business can create the chance for that business to return the favor. Subsequently putting your business on the map from other sources than yourself.

Excellent search engine optimization is achieved through quality content and an accurate knowledge for your business space. If you are a business owner and you want expert advice on how to reach your marketing goals, visit Eliasson Marketing today for a free consultation!