PPC, or pay per click, is a marketing model of Social Media advertising where the company pays per click on their advertisement. PPC advertising is favorable for a few reasons. First, from a profitability standpoint, the fee incurred from the click is worth more than a standard rate fee for having your ad running for a set duration. Click equates a visit to your website or product. The visit is worth substantially more when you take into consideration the exposure and the sales you will be getting.

Facebook Paid Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be beneficial when it comes to finding and building your target audience. Facebook allows you to target ads based on audience demographic, age, gender, geographical location as well as connections. It can allow you to target to people who like your page or similar businesses pages. Facebook is also able to take information from its users likes, preferences, interests etc. to help advertisements get to people who are more likely to be interested in the product or the company that it is promoting.

Facebook has an incredibly large user database at approximately 2 million users. Their platform allows you to reach quite a millions of people with your ads. Facebook’s algorithm is consistently evolving to keep consumers and advertisers on the same page.

Instagram Paid Ads

A similar platform to Facebook, Instagram has incredible advertising potential as well. Opting to utilize their explore page for PPC ads can generate great engagement analytics. Instagram’s algorithm also helps you generate an audience that will specifically be interested in your company and products. Filtering through users’ location, age, gender, interests, behaviors, and pattern of clicking on similar advertisements, Instagram advertising is a useful tool to help your ads reach your target audience.

PPC advertising on both of these platforms help you track your analytics. You can be sure that the audience targeting is working because you will have the data to back it up. This data is based on the traffic to your content from the people clicking on your ads. The PPC model of advertising ensures a return investment as you are only paying when a potential customer walks through your virtual doors as a result of your ad.

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