When you are creating a marketing strategy, it is important to present your message with visual content. No matter what industry you’re in, there is a lot of details that need to be shared with the consumer. However, when consumers are constantly multi-tasking, it is important to grab their attention with something visual. One way to grab a potential customer’s attention is through the use of infographics.

Why Infographics Are Important

Research has indicated that more than 40% of people will respond better to visual content information than text form. If you are looking to share information about a product or service, infographics are a creative & visual way to present information neatly. Graphics also keep the attention of consumers longer.

Show, Don’t Tell

Another problem that businesses may run into when creating a website, email, or social media post is becoming too detailed in the description of the product or service. Consumers are more likely to remember an image of your product or service. Images can immediately invoke emotion in a consumer and the consumer can relate to an image.

Get Creative

Images and videos are important when it comes to digital marketing, but what if your product or service cannot easily be captured in either of these formats? There are still engaging ways to capture the attention of consumers without solely using images and videos. There are many ways for designers to create animated text posts. Creating an animated text post with an attractive font, background, and movement can be an engaging way to get a clear message across, but still remaining visual.

Less is More

When trying to drive consumers to your website with visual content, it is important to entice them with a visual lead to visit and then develop a way to interact with your site. The average person spends only 15 seconds on a website. Remember, it is important to keep visitors engaged and exploring your website rather than being overwhelmed by too much copy. The consumer should be able to generate a clear picture of your business and products at this time.

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