No matter how big or small your restaurant is, the majority of your customers are most likely finding you online. According to Monetate, “over 1 billion restaurant visits by consumers are influenced by online marketing.” Your potential customers will most likely frequent a business that appears on the first page of their Google search results. One way to achieve this is by effectively implementing SEO (search engine optimization) to help your restaurant stand out among the rest.

Investing in SEO has become a necessity for restaurants today and improving your search visibility will help drive more hungry customers into your restaurant or to place online to-go orders. If your restaurant’s website fails to show up in your potential customer’s google search, how will you capture more business?

Here are 3 SEO Best Practices for Small Restaurants.

Improve Your Meta Tags on Your Website

Although meta tags are a relatively small portion of SEM, it has become one of the major components in helping search engines understand what your page is about. This is usually the first impression many of your potential customers will have of your page.

Offer customers a preview of your business offerings, food items, and experiences.

The Grotto SF

The Grotto San Francisco

Add Alt Text to Your Images

Adding alt text is one of the first principles of web accessibility. Some of your potential customers may not be able to see the images on your website. In this case, they will depend on the alternate text version on the image content. To achieve this, click on the image to access Image Properties or equivalent, then enter a brief description. Try to keep alt text concise and sweet.

Optimize Your Website and Content for Keywords

It is important to optimize your website because it increases the quantity and quality traffic to your website. It will not only provide your visitors with professional experience, but it will enhance your credibility as a business. Your goal should be to provide the best and the most useful content for your customers that matches their intent.


The main goal of any restaurant is making sure their business is full on a daily basis. To achieve this, your potential customers need to be able to find you online. Once they find you, it will be up to you to win them over with great website experience. This will help drive them to your location. These three tips will help you accomplish both of those goals.

The purpose behind SEO is not only exposure but also conversions. Here, at Eliasson Marketing, we will focus on your conversions to ultimately increase your ROI. We are here to make sure you get the bang for your buck. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with us today!