Following this week’s WWDC, we are seeing now more than ever that voice interfaces are pioneering their own method of marketing and — with that — Voice Interface Optimization is the wave of the future.

Though still in its infancy — Voice Interface Optimization is reaching greater heights and becoming a more meaningful and intricate part of consumer’s lives.

Amazon Echo

Lineup of Amazon Echo Family Products

Voice interfaces are showing up everywhere, most notably in intelligent speakers like Apple HomePod, Google Home, and the Amazon Echo. That said, the standards for this kind of interaction are still being ironed out, and the tools for brand differentiation are still fairly rough.

ComScore predicting that half of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

Darin Reffitt, VP of Splice Software has made suggestions about things marketers can do now. His Canada based company creates interactive voice messaging for brands across all kinds of devices.

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