Culture matters, the culture at your company will make or break it’s success. Culture is generally seen as an “outside” aspect of a company, but really it affects the internal immensely. Developing an organically thriving culture can seem difficult but with the right steps, you can grow your culture to where you want it. Today we tackle culture- how to grow yours and how to fix your current culture, let’s get started!


Culture is the overall mentality of the employees at your company, from the CEO to the newest hire. The culture at the company feeds into a lot of other aspects, even how happy they are when your employees are talking to customers. A really great culture brings you happier employees and happier customers. If your employees don’t enjoy where they work than they probably won’t care much about the customer experience either. From the outside looking in, a great culture is defined by employees who don’t want to leave and raving clients who are dedicated to your business.


Why does your culture matter, does culture really affect your company’s trajectory? Peter Drucker wrote a book titled “ Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” this phrase seems to go against the grain of the traditional corporate system. Most companies want to grow their business through different strategies and tactics, but none of that matters if you don’t have culture. The culture of your company is everything, having a good culture changes the way your employees think of their work. In a growing business, it is incredibly important to invest in your people so that your long-term growth can be even more successful. Creating a healthy culture in your company is a cornerstone to the success and growth of your business.


Creating culture is a finicky thing to achieve, it can’t be forced but you also want some control over the culture. The best way to achieve the culture you want is to simply lead by example, it will never change if you’re not the one to start the change. This is easier for smaller companies, a company of 30 people can develop a new culture much easier than a 1,000 person company can. If you want to change your company’s culture there are some tactics that work for anyone, here are 3:

  • Be honest
    • From the CEO to the newest employee, being honest is vital.
  • Develop a growth mindset
    • Don’t be satisfied with your employees the way they are, lead them to grow!
  • Celebrate well
    • What gets celebrated gets reproduced, challenge your employees then celebrate them when they succeed!


There are companies that feel like they have missed their time to create culture, this is not true! There is always room for growth and change in any company at any point in their lifespan. If your culture is not where you want it to be then here are 3 practical steps to analyze and adjust your current culture:

  • Distribute anonymous surveys
    • Ask your employees about the current culture and find the biggest pain points.
  • Admit to your faults
    • Start from scratch, recognize that you need to do a better job and it starts at the top.
  • Do something extracurricular
    • Show that you value your employees by taking them somewhere they actually want to go.

Fixing your culture may take longer the worse it is, but it is doable. Putting in the effort for your company will always be worth it in the end.

All companies want a healthy culture, it increases the customer and employee experience at the same time. Establishing a good culture takes time and effort, leading by example is the best and most efficient way to actively change your culture. Culture matters so invest in people and they will exponentially change the growth of your company. For more marketing advice and all sorts of other information, make sure to check out Eliasson Marketing today!