As the marketing landscape becomes more sophisticated, businesses are adopting effective means of automating marketing processes. This includes customer management, segmentation, and integration, to improve customer relationship management. From email to lead qualification process automation, here is why you should consider integrating automation in your marketing strategy.

Increased productivity

First of all, automation works to reduce repetitive tasks that consume a lot of time. With automation as part of your workflow, tasks such as sending emails, are simplified. Accordingly, you and your team can focus on more productive issues that require constant monitoring.

Increased revenue

Automation helps to streamline processes to ensure the use of minimum resources while maximizing returns. As statistics show, 78 percent of marketers attribute their success to automation, while B2B marketers have reported a 20 percent increase in sales from nurtured leads. This makes automation indispensable in marketing and in the quest to increase profits.

Customer retention

Automation has made it possible to acquire and retain customers with relative ease. Through marketing intelligence, a marketer can get more insight into the needs of existing and potential customers. You can then design content and products that suit their current demands. Also, they are able to enhance customer experience and improve service delivery.

Relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is basically a form of marketing that focuses on attaining optimum customer service scores, which usually translate to more customers and sales. Marketing automation helps businesses to personalize relationships with their customers to offer specialized solutions to their problems. They achieve this through different strategies, including sales and marketing alignment, lead scoring models, trigger campaigns, lead qualification, and digital footprint analysis.

Marketing automation offers businesses opportunities to leverage data management capabilities to improve customer service and experience. Among other benefits, this technology can go a long way in making your business more relevant to your current and prospective customers. Finally, it is always important to know your voice and your customers.

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